Watercolor Painting: A Comprehensive Approach to Mastering the Medium

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Tom Hoffmann.

Format: Hardback, pages, height x width x depth: xx23 mm, weight: g, full colour throughout, 4-colour illustrations Pub. Book will arrive in about weeks. Please allow another 2 weeks for shipping outside Estonia.

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Larger Image. Keywords: Watercolor painting - Technique. Knowing When to Depart from Accuracy. Evaluating Your Palette. Identifying the Dominant Color. Evaluating the Layers. Bracketing the Values.

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Working with Hard and Soft Edges. Establishing Balance.

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My big takeaway message of the book: Watercolour looks spontaneous but requires a lot of planning. And finally, two volumes of a book that you can download a part of the book PDF version for free here the only way to get the full content is to buy the hard copy. Early in while having a coffee with Chantal Vincent, she mentioned looking at the work of animators. That was enough to start me thinking: animators design movement a little bit like architects design buildings — this includes having understanding of structure and then using it to tell a story.

I then started googling and lots of people referred to the handouts of Walt Stanchfield from his Gesture Masterclasses at Disney Studios.

How to Avoid Muddy Colors in Watercolor

I started reading them just after putting together the content for my Foundations online course. One of the big ideas I introduced in that course is how feeling edges, abstracting shapes and constructing volumes are different ways of seeing and that they work together. This involves the ability to deconstruct the subject mentally and then put it together from a slightly different viewpoint. So it was unbelievably inspiring to read a master artist articulate his theories of using both left and right brain when drawing, which was where my ideas were heading but I had thought they might be a bit too radical!

So if any of my readers have read these books, I would love you to leave a comment sharing what you love about them most, so others can get a better idea of the rich content.

Three favourite art books

Takeaways: Using both sides of the brain when you sketch, not drawing what you see but modifying it to tell the story better… and much more. I really need to re-read this book again soon. So, what about you? What are your favourite books? Have you read any of these three books? These look marvelous, Liz! Ex on pages ? Would be very helpfull to not only understand the general view, but to also be abble to understand HOW to do it!

It is all about the concepts not the specifics. I love the way he gets you to think about why you should do stuff, not just what you should do. And his advice about understanding which of the three? He has a very useful website too where he notes all of the lessons for his students, and much of this is repeated in more detail in his book. Hi Sandra thanks so much for this extra bit from the Hoffmann book. I do need to read it again and share some more insights.

gatsbyroofs.co.uk/not-paul-but-jesus-annotated-how.php I just got a copy of the book Hawthorne on Painting when seeing it recommended by Susan Sarback who does beautiful work with color and light in her paintings; I have been sharing quotes with my friend MaryBeth as we prepare for our Italy sketching trip. Love how seemingly random things are all connected. I believe atleast 1 of the 3 was recommended by you, thank you!

While the author mainly references jazz, I find the concepts and thinking fascinating: after all, both urban sketching and working in a medium as fluid as watercolors means you have to love to improvise! This is a great thought provoking blog.

Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days

A few months ago none of what any of these artists said would have been understood. Looking forward to the September course for these same reasons. Books I have read and partially digested include those by Jean Haines and William Cooper because I was attracted to their styles and wanted to learn more.