Too Young for a Forgettable War: Second Edition

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Published a few years ago, but the best novel I have read in over a decade. Big and sprawling, traveling between London, Dhaka, New York, Oxford, and Princeton, in the shadow of the war in Afghanistan with memories of the catastrophe in South Asia, a complex and conflicted reflection on friendship, loss, betrayal, marriage, history, and identity. The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu.

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Imagine that humanity knew—knew—a vastly superior alien civilization would arrive to destroy it in years. Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov. Several hundred years in the future, the galaxy is divided between two human civilizations that have evolved in dramatically different ways. Sound like a bizarro test case for power transition theory? The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. Set in North Korea, this book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Given the focus on Korea in , this book provides a unique view of the north and one of the best descriptions of life in North Korea from the common citizen through the military to the elite.

It is an action-packed thriller that brings together all the complex threats we see emerging today to include Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. Most importantly, Pressfield examines why men fight and their relationships to each other, the mission, and their countries and companies — in short he looks at what the warrior ethos will be like when fighting is done through mercenary forces. Food for thought.

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Beautifully written, sometimes dark, something to share with older children for the many moral lessons within. The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie. A thriller that threads the needle between parody and a faithful embrace of its genre, The Gun Seller is a read that is equal parts captivating and hilarious, avoiding the overly serious and often overbearing tone that makes so many of its peers bland and forgettable. Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy.

This book, which has inspired a multitude of novelists since, is a classic of the genre, and has held up remarkably well in the intervening years. In a dystopian United States, 50 years in the future, the second U. Civil War is raging, fueled by environmental disaster and political polarization, and a sickened North America is relying on the patronizing kindness of a revitalized Arab world.

Omar El Akkad combines contemporary issue threads on refugee camps, insurgency, global warming, and political dysfunction into one cautionary tale. Miles Vorkosigan is a physically handicapped boy born into a highly militaristic society that in earlier years would have euthanized him as a mutant. He has to leave home and create a suitably military career based on native intelligence, academy training before he failed out and no small amount of deception.

A Hugo Award winner from , about a revolt on the Moon in Decades ahead of its time envisioning some of the opportunities for revolution inherent in computer control and manipulation of media, communications, and utilities. Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. McEwan is one of the true masters of the English language, and our young heroine is a savvy MI5 recruit in the s navigating two highly intriguing love interests.

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Circe by Madeline Miller. The Leopard by Gisueppe Di Lampedusa. As my wife and I will be spending a few weeks in Sicily this summer drinking decadent amounts of wine and limoncello, this seems like the perfect fit.

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Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. A merry coming of age novel about the time when scandal became the business of celebrity.

The Winds of War by Herman Wouk. I dragged this paperback sailing in Greece and have read it every summer since. It reads as two books in one, but both spark rich questions and human dilemmas. Immersive and tricky, this novel explores the complex social and political relationships at work in Jamaica through the lens of the rival political parties, growing drug trade, and assassination of Bill Marley.

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Rewards reading on long flights and quiet beaches. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. WOTR Staff. Lists and Contests.

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Happy reading! Dave Barno: Here are three of my perennial favorite novels about aviators at war, spanning three different conflicts. Ulrike Franke: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Iskander Rehman: Circe by Madeline Miller. Erin Simpson: Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday. The design is meticulously crafted, with gorgeous full-page photos and touches. On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald:…. The Great Movies. In stock online Not available in stores. The Great Movies II. The Wes Anderson Collection. The result is a meticulously designed book that captures and reflects the spirit of Wes Anderson's movies: melancholy, playful, wise, and wonderfully unique.

Previously unpublished behind-the-scenes photographs, concept artwork, and hand-written notes and storyboards accompany the text. The book also features an introduction by critics and collaborators Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou, and a foreword by critic Matt Zoller Seitz. When, by Executive Decree, all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump called Trash Island, Atari sets off alone in a miniature Junior-Turbo Prop and flies across the river in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots.

There, with the assistance of a pack of newly-found mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the entire Prefecture. Learn all about the film's conception, hear personal anecdotes from the set, and explore the wide variety of sources that inspired the screenplay and imagery—from author Stefan Zweig to filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch to photochrom landscapes of turn-of-the-century Middle Europe.