The Stars in the Dark Night of Nebraska

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With dozens of urban projects in international cities from London to Los Angeles, Tillotson Design Associates has shown the world repeatedly that good lighting can and should be dark-sky friendly, and that our favorite urban spaces will be all the safer, healthier, and more beautiful for it.

The Dark Sky Defender Award is given to individuals and organizations in appreciation and recognition of their exceptional efforts to promote and advance the mission and programs of IDA to preserve night skies by promoting quality outdoor nighttime lighting to reduce light pollution and its environmental impacts. Nominees include those who have led outstanding public education and outreach campaigns on light pollution, who have promoted ordinances and other regulatory tools to reduce light pollution, who have worked with the media, policy-makers, opinion leaders and others to bring greater urgency to the issue, and who have fostered collaborations with disparate stakeholders to effect positive change.

A maximum of five awards will be given each year. He travelled to 15 locations to conduct interviews with 35 people and visited 20 more locations to film the night sky; he shot about hours of night sky footage over the course of two years, and spent 2, hours conducting interviews over the course of one year. His film has original music and touches on all aspects of light pollution that IDA also shares with the public. In addition to funding the entire film himself, Sriram logged his efforts as part of a volunteer-hour matching program offered by his employer, thus creating donations for IDA over the course of the last year.

All of this while working a standard hour work week as well. He also invited, and received interviews and film footage from a couple of international entities he could not directly visit. Ted has tirelessly and patiently contributed towards the initiative for Fountain Hills to attain the Dark Sky Community designation.

Nebraska: Energy and Gazing at the Cosmos on a Summer Night

Ted broadens minds and inspires learning, helping to create moments of awe and a sense of community. Ted volunteers his time, shares his education and insight, and generously donates towards making his community a better place to live. Not only is he supporting the preservation of the natural environment, he creates opportunities to learn about how the bodies in the sky impact our culture, our history, our health, and our innovations.

He explains these things in approachable terms and there is always a twinkle of wonder in his eyes and sense of excitement in his voice.

His enthusiasm is infectious. Marnie is the former manager of the Sydney Observatory, and submitted an application to City of Sydney for appropriate lighting of the Observatory while working there.

Great Basin Star Train

Her public talks and lectures have reached international audiences, and she has created icons, logos, signs and merchandise to promote dark skies. Due to her conversations and negotiations with councils, governments, building developers and project managers, light pollution has been reduced and better vision for astronomers has been accomplished. She continues to inspire appreciation of our natural environment through her astro-tourism ventures. John Goss has been an enthusiastic supporter of dark skies for decades.

This program reaches over astronomical societies and more than 15, League members, and it encourages more people to tackle the problem of light pollution. John has spoken to city councils, county commissions, governing boards, and more. He has written numerous articles for newspapers, and he has pushed hard for dark sky preservation at all levels.

Why A Dark Sky Matters

As vice-president and then president of the Astronomical League for the past eight years, John has kept the mission of IDA on the list of high priorities. He has had a strong influence of dark sky preservation across the USA. Night sky brightness data are continuously collected throughout the night with Sky Quality Meter — Lensed Ethernet SQM-LE and are instantly disseminated to provide a real-time snapshot of the global light pollution conditions. Over 55 million individual NSB data entries have been collected as of October This huge NSB database allows for studies of temporal and geographical variations of light pollution and their correlations with various natural and artificial factors.

The data collected provide the scientific backbone in our efforts to contribute to dark sky conservation through education to the general public and policy makers. A student may conduct his or her activities as part of a science fair or other school-based project, as a member of a community service organization, in partnership with a non-profit, or coordinated with a local, state, or national park or other protected natural areas.

No more than three awards will be presented annually. Alix has been chosen as a TEDx Youth Speaker , where he will present his speech on the importance of darkness to the night sky. Alix is an incredible student of the stars, a scientist and an extraordinarily artistic and creative photographer. Alix is willing to use all of his knowledge and talent to help preserve the darkness of the stars for not only the beauty they bring to our world, but also because he knows how darkness impacts the lives of plants, animals and humans.

He believes if darkness is not protected, our entire world will be negatively affected. He has the scientific evidence to support this belief, and he has created a stunning portfolio of the night sky and constellations to enhance this important thesis. Alix will be presenting this TEDx Youth Speech for an audience in Lincoln, Nebraska, at Lincoln High School, but his presentation will not be limited to this location — his speech will be live-streamed all over the world and it will also be recorded on YouTube for future students and teachers to use.

During the first week of May , Ms.

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This project had two outcomes. First, the students decided that solar-powered pathway lights or bollards would be appropriate for pathways leading up to the area where the glare-y wall pack was. They received 15, and NOAO was able to get another dozen at a reduced price, then bought another dozen at regular price. All 37 have been installed by the students along the pathway from the parking lot to the far edge of the garden nearest the glare-y light.

Toward the second outcome, the students first tried to shield the glare-y wallpack light, but ultimately decided to replace it.

Cherry Springs State Park

The light fixture chosen was the Torres Wall Mount. It has a color temperature of K and a color rendering of This project allowed for a teachable moment where the high school students from Ha:san learned how to make a positive difference in their community. They identified the lighting problem and figured out the steps to fix the problem. The Nation is the size of Rhode Island and is continually developing. Silver Award Girl Scouts Amy Ollendorff and Meghana Raj, from troop , chose to educate their community and youth about the effects of light pollution.

In order to bring awareness to the youth in their community, Amy and Meghana created a light pollution awareness campaign. While the children completed the craft Amy and Meghana educated the parents about effects of light pollution. Amy and Meghana serve as environmental role models in their community. Their educational campaign brings awareness to this little known, but important environmental issue. Of particular interest are Chapters or Chapter members who have built strong and effective communities around light pollution and its environmental impacts, and who have raised awareness of the issue through exceptional outreach and education programs.

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David is a tireless advocate for dark skies in the Pacific Northwest. He has made contacts and done presentations about dark skies for many of the astronomy clubs and associations in the region. He has endeavored to build connections between policymakers and lighting engineers to spread the gospel about the benefits of efficient, dark-sky-friendly lighting.

He takes every opportunity to promote the benefits of IDA membership. Announced on King's official site on February 16, , it was published on November 9, The book received generally positive reviews. The Washington Post , in its review of the book, called Full Dark, No Stars "satisfyingly bleak" and "a disturbing, fascinating book. A Good Marriage was released theatrically in , while Big Driver was released as a television film the same year.

Actor Thomas Jane portrayed the main role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full Dark, No Stars First edition cover. Book Marks. Retrieved October 30, The Washington Post.