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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The covers of the eight books of the series. She must survive every test and trial in order to proceed to the final, in which she has to fight her remaining opponents to the death. As candidates are found dead in the castle, their bodies ruptured, Celaena finds herself delving deep into mysteries concerning not only her, but her very own ancestors and the creatures of darkness that dwell deep beneath the castle.

Celaena, the King's Champion, must win her freedom by butchering every person the king asks her to, but she cannot bear to kill for the crown. Even the birthday princess herself often preferred action over tea parties. Plus, I liked the alliteration created by combining the P words of princess, pirate and party. If you make a purchase through any Amazon links in this post, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

A Birthday Party Fit For Princesses (and Pirates)

At the actual party, everything was set up in twos — one for princesses and one for pirates. Two play areas, two halves of the food table, two sets of cupcakes, etc. I did not bother with any games for the kids. I just let the children run and play as they wished between the two themed play areas. Why waste the time and energy on forced games when the kids have such a great time using their own imaginations?!?

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We cleared the bedroom of any toys that were not related to the theme and decorated. Princess decorations were added to the door and walls. Thus, it became a wonderland of castles, dress-up clothes, tea parties, ponies, and all other things royal. We also set out a Mega Bloks Palace play set , a toy tea set , and some dress up clothes.

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We even turned their bunk bed into a secret pirate cove. We also set out a handful of foam swords and pirate eye patches. A pink tablecloth covered the princess side of the table where royal treats were set out on our fanciest serving dishes.

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A silver tablecloth covered the other side of the table where we served grub fit for a pirate, such as fish and chips goldfish crackers and potato chips , sword skewers of fruit, and shiny candies served in a treasure chest. The princess cupcakes were decorated with vanilla frosting, pink sprinkles and sparkly toy jewelry. The pirate cupcakes were topped with chocolate frosting and pirate rings.

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Other than a huge winter storm that kept several of our invited guests away, the dual-themed party was a big success. When Quentyn Martell sails incognito on the Meadowlark , pirates come aboard when the ship is anchored off the coast of the Disputed Lands ; the crew fends off the pirates off at the cost of twelve lives. Two Lysene pirate ships, Goodheart and Elephant , capture free folk as slaves at Hardhome. Brothels are a much sounder investment than ships, I've found. Whores seldom sink, and when they are boarded by pirates, why, the pirates pay good coin like everyone else. When a pirate grows rich enough, they make him a prince.

Illyrio : Autumn is a season rife with storms, and pirates still make their dens upon the Stepstones and venture forth to prey on honest men.

here It would never do for my little friend to fall into such hands. Tyrion : There are pirates on the Rhoyne as well. Jump to: navigation , search. Illyrio : River pirates.