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The institutional positions remain constant. But the faces change fairly frequently — often once every year when coalitions are unstable. Of the fourteen Indian Prime Ministers, seven had tenures of less than two years, versus five years being a full term. The empty space under the canopy is thus not a vacuum.

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Third, the canopy could be occupied by an installation representing the people of India — as is common in Soviet style architecture. There is one such installation at the trisection of Willingdon crescent — now named after Mother Theresa — and Sardar Patel Marg at the western edge of the grounds of the Rashtrapati Bhawan. It looks nice but appears out of context to its surroundings. Immediately facing it is the exclusive residential zone of Chanakyapuri. Behind it is the Rashtrapati Bhawan, which, if anything, is a constant reminder that the Indian State, willingly and unapologetically stepped into the comfortable accoutrements of our colonial masters, complete, with exclusive housing estates which effectively extern all but foreign diplomats, the politically significant or the very rich, in separate complexes and the house-help, which serve these elites.

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The big fear is that, were the government to try and fill in the empty space under the canopy, what would emerge could be similarly out of context and possibly, either inelegant, if it did not match the colonial surroundings or worse, merely slavishly copycat, as were the palaces of the India Princes which came up around Princes Park or more recently, Maharashtra Sadan, next to Baroda House. Finally, leaving well alone would also be a pithy statement on the biggest political economy conundrum facing India and the world today — to which the answer is yet to be found.

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Where does the balance lie along the continuum between the vicissitudes of direct democracy at one end, as exemplified by BREXIT and the potentially constraining, long-term impact of any form of Totalitarianism on innovation, reduction of inequality, protection of freedom and human dignity? In much the same way and a bit more practically, where lies the balance between the power of crony capitalism, at one end of the continuum, to deliver state led development on undreamt of massive scale, as in China and the long, hard slog of developing markets, competition, private enterprise and equitable but light touch regulation, as we are attempting in India?

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There are more questions than answers. Possibly the empty space under the canopy should be reserved for the one who finds the sweet spot and sticks around long enough to actualise the public gains thereof. No need to rush through though. There is plenty of time. Update Consent. Tech Science Reviews Search for:.

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Logout Login. Search for:. Sanjeev Ahluwalia Sanjeev S. Ahluwalia is currently Advisor, Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi; His speciality is economic governance, institutional development and political economy. He also hosts a blog: www. Sanjeev S.

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Ahluwalia is currently Advisor, Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi; His speciality is economic governance, institutional development and pol. He has carved a unique niche within contemporary electronic music, building a worldwide reputation for his idiosyncratic sound design and richly textured high production values. Contact Spoonbill. Streaming and Download help. If you like Spoonbill, you may also like:. Jettison Mind Hatch by Tipper. Definitely one of my favorites of his, amazing sound design and deep emotion Ethan Elash. Codex VI by Shpongle. This album was refreshing to listen to. Many details and layers, listening to it is a journey!

Thank you! Honestly the paragraphs written under the music are also amazing. Science is my god. We Must Cultivate by Ben Hayes.

New sonic territory for the Bangalore-based electronic artist; controlled and deliberate soundscapes—more articulate, resolute and organic. Drummotive - Coral Ep by Drummotive. Explore music. He once proves this with a beautiful crafted album with the unique Spoonbill groove! This album will give you lots of joy and positve vibes on your journey.

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