Birds of the Cottage Country

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It is a magnet for birds and therefore birdwatchers, and a wonderful place for children to learn, with the excellent and informative centres and staff at the reserves.

Ontario Cottage Country Birds and Wildlife Hike

Spring is great for Warblers and the Autumn sees many Finches and Thrushes feeding on various shrubs. In summer, you can watch flocks of bearded tits and in winter there are many birds of prey to see Harriers, Merlins, Peregrines and the short eared owl. The pools and scrapes attract water birds in their thousands, and no matter what the season, there is always something to see.

Daisy, birding!!! I like that reference.

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Thoughts and images from rural Ontario. Saturday, 15 March Help identifying birds: clues in sight and sounds. American Robins haven't migrated this year.

Birds & Bird Cottages

Their songs have changed, though. There are many useful tools to help identify birds.

The Petersen Field Guide is one. With the Internet being 25 years old, there is much on-line to help you.

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Cornell University does All About Birds. It's a combination of identifying them by visuals, remembering which males and females differ, understanding migration periods, and matching sounds with birds that are likely to be in your regions. Daisy birding, see the bird on the wing -upper left!

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Bird Hill - A cottage on a country lane - enjoy the peacefulness

Like the rose on your toilet paper roll or the candles and fresh flowers. Like the high thread count sheets and plentiful pillows. And rest assured we strive for spotless cleanliness. We want your get-away to be special, a time of renewal and relaxation. A time to shut out the busyness of your life and rejuvenate.

The Red Bird Cottage - Cottages for Rent in Port Royal, South Carolina, United States

We want you have everything you would need to feel at home away from home. A tranquil getaway in Amish country. Close to everything.